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Type A is an award-winning eco-feminist design studio.

we help you
live your
vision board life. 


Whether you have your own business, moonlight a side gig, or still dream of the days of saying "F you!" to your boss - YOU have a brand that you're building on a daily basis.

If you're ready to level up, to truly start living your dream, we're here to help you get started with tangible steps you can take today.

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Overnight Brand Boost Secrets

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You get three actionable steps that you can take immediately to boost your brand.

After completing them, we guarantee you’ll have a clearer vision of where you want to go with your brand and maybe even your life.

Yes, it’s that profound!

"Am I living? What a funny thing to think..."

– Tones and I


Does This Sound Like You?

As Xenials, Millenials, Gen-X, and on - we come from a long lineage of people pleasing. Or as I like to call it, “fear-feeding.” And the more we feed our fears, hoping that the universe will reward our best efforts, the farther we are taken from our true selves and values. 

  • Do you feel like... you have the best ideas but no idea where to start?
  • Does it seem... like you're wasting away, being overlooked, overworked, and underpaid for your brilliance?
  • Are you frustrated that... it seems so hard to start building your own thing?
  • And when it comes down to it, do you...  just let your fantasies live out in your head?

If this sounds like you, I want to offer you a FREE strategy session where we meet 1:1 for 45 amazing minutes and you tell me about your amazingness and I tell you how we can take it from the abstract and turn it into your new, and awesome!, reality.

From Solo-preneurs to Fortune 500 companies,

we build badass brands.

WTF is a 'brand builder'?

Just like you'd hire a design/build firm to start your dream home renovation,
that's what we do for your LIFE, your business, your purpose.

we help you get in alignment with what matters.

Real Clients

Proven Outcomes


"This is fantastic! Thanks so much! I totally love everything you did. It's exactly what I was looking for."


"I've worked with a lot of creatives and I can honestly say that Ash is the best I've worked with. She's the rare breed of creative that not only understands design and strategy, but also operations. From strategy and design, to time management, to building SOP's for fellow creatives, to vendor oversight, she's a force to be reckoned with."

Marie Philemon
Director of Creative Operations,
Rebel Fish Creative Group


"I am very happy with the final outcome of the work you and your team did!! Ever so pleased Aligi introduced me to you! THANK YOU. I cannot wait to update my website and all collaterals to reflect the new brand identity!"

ICF ACC, ANLP, EQ Practitioner & Assessor, Brain Profiler, Founder: Your Turn Solutions

Your magic deserves to be seen and loved.

hire us to get you there, faster (and better).

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Bespoke Brand Build

We'll work with you directly to build your entire brand! That means all the magical moodboards, creative strategy sessions, and implementations. This is for anyone ready to take their ideas from the abstract and turn them into really awesome reality!

In this Bespoke Brand Build, you'll get:

  • Professional Brand Creation including logos, iconography, color palettes, letterheads, email sigs, social templates, image direction, moodboards and invaluable brand guidelines that put it all together.
  • ​Ideal Client Creation so you can start connecting with your people in the most potent way and stop wasting your time with anyone else.
  • Initial High Value Content Offer Creation complete with a six-part email follow up series to immediately start growing your list (which is the biggest secret in sales!).
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$5499  $4999 Limited Time Only!

Magical Brand Boost

Do you have a brand that needs a boost? This package includes our invaluable creative review where we look over all your assets and goals. We talk about your values and get you a visual roadmap that aligns your entire brand. This includes typography, color palette, image styling, iconography, illustration, and all other visual languages that you need to keep every inch of your brand consistent across every application. 

Our Magical Brand Boost package includes:

  • Comprehensive Creative Review so you can know what's working and what needs some work.
  • Magical Moodboard Creation, so you can get your entire team on the same page as far as how your brand looks, feels, and sounds no matter where it is. You'll have this quick visual reference to go back to to keep it all on the right track!
  • ​Brand Guidelines so you can keep your vision on track through it's growth phases! This is an in-depth, beautifully designed pdf that gets specific about the nitty gritty aspects of your brand, down to the pixel.
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$1999 $1495 Limited Time Only!

Creative Review

You know you have the goods. But, something's... off. You need a fresh set of eyes that can help unblock you and your biz. 

Our Creative Review is a 90-minute deep dive into your brand where we discuss all the ways you're killing it and where you could step it up.

You'll leave our session:

  • ​Feeling more aligned  so you can crush your goals, right away!
  • ​Having tangible next steps, so you know exactly what to start/change/stop in order to level up your brand.
  • Ready and excited to infuse new life into your brand so you can attract your dream clients and dream money!
image of a backlit sign reading, "Do What Scares You."

$999 $695 Limited Time Only!

Personal Vision Board Creation

This is the personal, non-biz version of our creative review and moodboard creation. We help you align your life to your values so you can start living your vision board life, today!

Our Vision Board Life Review is a 90-minute deep dive into your brand (a.k.a. YOU!) where we discuss all the ways you're killing it and where you could step it up.

You'll leave our session:

  • ​Feeling more aligned  so you can crush your goals, right away!
  • ​Having tangible next steps, so you know exactly what to start/change/stop in order to level up your life.
  • With a Visual Roadmap of your Values so you can attract your dreams and live your goals!
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Ashleigh Robinson

Ashleigh is an award-winning visionary artist, eco-feminist designer, Founder of Type A Studio® and kranbaby®. Her work has been featured in VOGUE, The Corcoran Gallery of Art Gallery, Capitol File & Modern Luxury Magazines, the Scout Guide, Black Bride, Annapolis Courthouse and more. Ashleigh is proudly a Bookmaker's International Award for Excellence in Book Arts winner.

Ashleigh attended the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for their pre-college program and studied at the Corcoran College of Art + Design, from which she graduated with Dean's list honors and a BFA in Graphic Design.

Today, she creates from her sacred studio space in Baltimore County, Maryland, with her toddler, the love of her life, his old dawg, and her old grumpy cat. She's proud to be @TheMrsRobinson. Peace + Love, All ways, Always.

Get your brand boosted, overnight, for free.

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we build badass brands

Whether you’re an established business or have a dream swirling in your mind,
we help build your brand in conscious alignment with your values and goals.

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